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Government ⁄ Legislative Practice

Having served in a variety of positions in public and private sectors, our professionals have a diverse set of relevant skills, strong relationships with key policy leaders and regulators, and a thorough understanding of governmental processes. This translates into developing strategic and proactive approaches for our clients.

We provide a full range of government-related services including drafting bills, issuing tenders, developing position papers, lobbying actively for client positions, and providing representation. In the regulatory and legislative arenas we bring our clients a strong blend of legal and technical expertise in areas such as telecommunications, environmental compliance and enforcement, energy, insurance and banking, land use and natural resources, transportation and ports systems, and free trade.

Extensive experience in structuring, negotiating and documenting government privatization projects has made us one of the leading firms on this subject in Israel. We have represented both governmental entities in their divestitures as well as private investors in privatization acquisitions.

Principal Contact: Tamar Hacker

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