Family Wealth & Inheritance

Ephraim Abramson & Co. lawyers provide individual and family and professional guardianship clients, as well as foreign charitable foundations,  with comprehensive legal representation on certain estate planning and wealth management matters (with an emphasis on philanthropic activities).  We work closely with our clients’ accountants and, particularly in the case of foreign clients, their legal advisors as well.

Our services to clients in this area tend to focus upon

  • Preparation of basic to complex Wills for Israeli and non-Israeli individuals (most often separate, additional Wills for international clients who have real property and other valuable assets  located in the State of Israel)
  • Full range of legal advisory services (over the past 10 years) to the largest not-for-profit guardianship organization in Israel, which the Israeli courts or Registrar for Inheritance Matters appoints as a guardian for thousands of people, and as part of its role also manages assets and funds valued in the hundreds of millions of New Israeli Shekels
  • Advisory services and drafting of Enduring Powers of Attorney (“Ipui Kocah Mitmashech”) to guide clients and their families through scenarios in which an individual at some point is no longer able to make financial and/or healthcare decisions for herself
  • Completing and filing Israeli succession, inheritance, and probate requests to the relevant Israeli authorities (e.g., petitions for establishing the validity of a foreign or Israeli Will, and petitions for Inheritance Orders when no Will is involved)
  • Litigating succession and related issues before the Israeli courts
  • Philanthropic planning and giving (establishment of non-profit and charitable organizations; major gift agreements; etc.)

Ephraim Abramson & Company Lawyers provide these services with the utmost discretion, recognizing that our clients require, and are entitled to, the strictest level of privacy and confidentiality with their family wealth matters.

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