Technology & Life Sciences

Ephraim Abramson & Co. professionals live in the Start-Up nation, characterized by innovation in hi-tech, biotech, and the life sciences sectors, and we do our best to service those (and foreign) innovators in their business pursuits. The firm’s tech clients include businesses at all stages of the corporate life-cycle: formation, startup, growth, maturity and decline, as well as in a number of technology and life science sectors, including:  e-commerce, enterprise software, hardware manufacturing, smart city tech, augmented reality, medical and digital healthcare, orthodontic technologies, pharma and nutraceuticals.

Our seasoned lawyers regularly advise tech and life science companies primarily as corporate counsel and as commercial (licensing and technology transfer) legal advisors.  With respect to the former role, we negotiate a wide variety of business deals for these clients, and anchor them in contracts we draft, including founders and shareholder agreements; employment, consulting and service agreements; supplier and customer agreements; as well as joint venture and other strategic partnering agreements. Our team also analyzes and advises clients about their rights and obligations under contracts they have signed.

The core of our commercial services are geared towards (i) protecting client intellectual property, whether directly through contracts providing for non-disclosure and non-use of proprietary technologies, or indirectly in conjunction with colleagues at patent and trademark firms where registration of IP (patents and trademarks) is concerned, and (ii) providing top notch contract drafting and negotiations where technology matters and licensing is concerned.  For example, we advise on a range of technology issues, including royalties, pre-existing technology rights, tech milestones and other matters arising in technology development or services agreements.  Where licensing is concerned, we assist software, technology and life science companies structure their transactions so that each client fully understands what intellectual property it will be retaining, and what IP it is sharing in its commercialization or academic sharing efforts.  Our lawyers have been active in governmental granting programs on behalf of local and foreign clients as well, in particular with the Israeli Innovation Authority, Israeli binational licensing programs (US, Germany, South Korea, Japan) and the European 5th & 6th Framework and Horizon 2020 programs.

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The attorneys at the firm pay special attention to the uniqueness of every client, with maximum availability, commitment and dedication every step of the way