The Firm

Ephraim Abramson & Co. Law Offices is an independent and full-service business law firm located in Israel, with offices located both in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. We are leaders in each of our diversified practice areas, which encompass nearly all aspects of domestic and international commercial representation. It is our strong and long-lasting relationship with our clients, however, that truly distinguishes Ephraim Abramson & Co. from other law firms. Clients view us as hard-working, trustworthy lawyers and commercial advisors. And we never forget that our clients are real people, and our efforts are laser-focused on helping them – whether they be individuals or Fortune 500 global corporations – navigate through the commercial, administrative and legal challenges and opportunities they face. We are certainly advocates for our clients’ interests, but we are also their fans, and we relish in their successes.
Ephraim Abramson & Company Law Offices & Notaries was established in 1985 by Adv. Ephraim Abramson, following advanced-degree legal studies in New York and employment at one of America’s most preeminent corporate law firms. The firm has witnessed steady growth and expansion over the years, and currently boasts 40 lawyers from a variety of backgrounds, some of whom maintain foreign bar association memberships. The firm also provides a full range of notarial services.

Dun’s 100

Our firm is ranked by Dun’s 100 as one of Israel’s top legal firms.

BDi Code

Our firm is ranked by BDI Code as one of Israel’s top legal firms.