Tamar Hacker


Tamar is a Partner in our firm

Tamar specializes in advising public organizations – government ministries, regulation authorities and government companies, providing counsel regarding infrastructure projects and preparing legislation that regulates emerging sectors of the Israeli economy or sectors undergoing reforms. Specifically, she has been involved in preparing legislation, public tenders and concessions in fields such as water and sewage, ports, the dairy industry, oil and natural gas exploration, production and transmission, oil products storage and transmission, oil pollution preparedness and response, television broadcasting, legal metrology, and the telecommunications sector. Tamar also provides counsel to the largest Israeli guardianship entity.


During the 1990s, Tamar was instrumental in the sale of the Israeli government’s shareholdings in banks. Tamar was also at the helm of the privatization of Bezeq, Israel’s largest telecommunications company, when she drafted the prospectuses and coordinated all the regulatory work for its PO in 1998 and 2004.

Tamar’s involvement in these matters is the natural outgrowth of her extensive experience in government service before joining our firm. She worked in the Legal Department of the Ministry of Finance from 1974-1981, was the chief legal draftsperson for the Ministry of Justice (1981-86). Tamar then served as a Senior Deputy to the State Attorney from 1986-87, and was the Legal Advisor of the Ministry of Finance from 1988-1996. During this time, she also served as a Member of the Israeli Delegation to the Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Tamar has also served as a director of several government companies, and from 2000-2003 as an External Director of a leading Israel retail chain. For many years Tamar served as a Member of the Restricted Trades Advisory Committee.


  • Tamar received an LL.B. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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  • Israel (1973)


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